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Alizé Cornet's Journey to Success with the Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet

Alizé Cornet, a talented French professional tennis player, has left an indelible mark on the sport with her remarkable achievements. Throughout her career, Cornet has relied on the power and precision of the Babolat Pure Strike tennis racquet to elevate her game to new heights. Let's explore the key milestones in Cornet's journey:

2008: First Premier-5 Final and WTA Tour Titles

In 2008, Alizé Cornet made her mark on the professional circuit by reaching her first Premier-5 final and securing her maiden WTA Tour titles. These early successes showcased her potential and determination as a rising star in the tennis world. The Babolat Pure Strike racquet played a crucial role in Cornet's victories, providing her with the perfect combination of power and control.

2009: Singles Career-High Ranking

Cornet continued to climb the rankings in 2009, reaching her career-high position in singles. Her consistent performances and relentless work ethic propelled her into the upper echelons of women's tennis. With the Babolat Pure Strike racquet in hand, Cornet unleashed powerful groundstrokes and executed precise shots to outmaneuver her opponents.

2010-2011: Doubles Title and Career-High Ranking

In 2010, Cornet added a second doubles title to her collection, showcasing her versatility on the court. The following year, she achieved her career-high ranking in doubles, demonstrating her proficiency in both singles and doubles formats. The Babolat Pure Strike racquet proved to be a reliable partner, providing Cornet with the necessary tools to excel in all aspects of her game.

2012-2013: WTA Singles Title and Grand Slam Performances

In 2012, Cornet clinched her first WTA singles title in four years, signaling a resurgence in her form. She followed this up with steady performances at the Grand Slam championships in 2013, further solidifying her reputation as a formidable competitor. The Babolat Pure Strike racquet's precision and responsiveness allowed Cornet to navigate high-pressure situations with confidence.

2014: Serena Williams' Nemesis

Cornet's remarkable highlight in 2014 came when she defeated the legendary Serena Williams not once, but twice in a single season. These victories established Cornet as a worthy adversary and demonstrated her ability to compete against the best in the world. The Babolat Pure Strike racquet provided her with the power and control necessary to overcome such formidable opponents.

2015-2016: Year-End Ranking and Fed Cup Final

Despite a dip in her year-end ranking in 2015, Cornet persevered and regained her form in 2016. She secured her fifth WTA singles title and played a crucial role in France's Fed Cup final appearance. With the Babolat Pure Strike racquet as her weapon of choice, Cornet's powerful strokes and strategic gameplay allowed her to make a significant impact on the court.

2017-2022: Continued Success and Records

From 2017 to 2022, Cornet's career witnessed numerous highlights. She reached her first Premier final in doubles, claimed her sixth WTA singles title, and made it to her 13th singles final. In 2020, she achieved a fourth-round appearance at the US Open. Cornet's participation in the Olympics, multiple finals, and victories against top-10 players showcased her consistency and determination. The Babolat Pure Strike racquet remained a reliable tool throughout these achievements.


Alizé Cornet's journey in professional tennis has been filled with triumphs and memorable moments. With the Babolat Pure Strike tennis
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