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Yonex Clean GRAP Racquet Overgrip 3 Pack Black

Yonex Clean GRAP Racquet Overgrip 3 Pack Black

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The YONEX Clean GRAP Tennis/Badminton Racquet Overgrip 3-Pack in Black is a high-quality accessory designed to enhance grip performance and provide players with superior control and comfort during tennis or badminton matches. With its durable construction and advanced moisture-absorbing properties, this overgrip ensures a secure and non-slip grip, allowing players to maintain optimal control and play their best game.

Technical Characteristics and Specs:

Material: The overgrip is made from a high-quality synthetic material that offers excellent tackiness and responsiveness, enhancing grip performance and racket control.

Moisture Absorption: The overgrip features advanced moisture-absorbing properties, effectively wicking away sweat and moisture to maintain a dry and comfortable grip even during intense gameplay.

Anti-Slip Surface: The overgrip's textured surface provides an enhanced grip, preventing the racket from slipping or twisting during swings and ensuring consistent shot execution.

Construction: The overgrip is constructed with a durable and resilient material that withstands the rigors of intense play, maintaining its performance and grip qualities over an extended period.

Wear Resistance: The overgrip is designed to resist wear and tear, offering reliable performance and grip even with frequent use.

Thickness: The overgrip has an optimal thickness that provides a comfortable and cushioned feel, reducing vibration and fatigue on the player's hand during gameplay.

Soft Texture: The overgrip's soft texture adds to the overall comfort and feel, allowing players to maintain a firm yet comfortable grip on the racket.

Clean Grap contains 3 grips in a pack
Color: Black
For Tennis/Badminton
Anti-Slip Surface
  • Clean Grap contains 3 grips in a pack
  • Color: Black
  • For Tennis/Badminton