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Yonex Junior 25 Prestrung Sky Blue Tennis Racquet

Yonex Junior 25 Prestrung Sky Blue Tennis Racquet

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Introducing the Yonex EZONE Junior 25" Tennis Racquet, designed specifically for young tennis players who are ready to develop their skills and excel on the court. This junior racquet offers a perfect balance of power, control, and maneuverability, providing a great platform for young athletes to grow their game.

Technical Benefits:
- Enhanced Power and Control: The racquet's design and construction offer a combination of power and control, allowing young players to hit powerful shots while maintaining precision and accuracy.
- Lightweight and Maneuverable: The racquet's weight and balance make it easy for young players to swing and maneuver, facilitating better shot placement and control.
- Comfortable Feel: The racquet's materials and construction provide a comfortable and responsive feel, reducing vibration and allowing for a more enjoyable playing experience.

- Shape: The Yonex EZONE Junior has a traditional shape, providing a familiar feel for young players as they develop their technique.
- Head Size: The racquet features a head size of 110 square inches, offering a generous sweet spot for improved forgiveness and power.
- Weight (Unstrung): The racquet weighs approximately 245 grams (unstrung), making it lightweight and easy to handle for young players.
- Balance (Unstrung): The racquet has a balanced distribution of weight, contributing to its maneuverability and control.
- Swing Weight: The swing weight of the racquet ensures a smooth and controlled swing, allowing for improved shot-making abilities.
- Stringing Pattern: The racquet has a stringing pattern of 14 mains x 15 crosses, providing a good balance between power and spin potential.
- Stiffness (RA): The racquet has a moderate stiffness rating, offering a blend of power and comfort for young players.
- Section: The racquet features a standard section design, offering a comfortable grip and excellent control.

- Isometric Head Shape: The racquet's isometric head shape expands the sweet spot, resulting in more consistent power and accuracy on off-center hits.
- Graphite Composite Construction: The racquet utilizes a graphite composite material, providing a lightweight yet durable frame that can withstand the demands of junior players.

Empower young tennis players with the Yonex EZONE Junior 25" Tennis Racquet, designed to support their growth and development on the court. Perfect for young athletes who are ready to take their game to the next level. Experience the Yonex difference in performance and quality.
  • Head Size: 110 sq in.
  • Length: 25in
  • String Pattern: 14 x 15
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 245 g / 8.6 oz
  • Color(s) SKY BLUE