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Babolat Syn Gut Tennis String Reel Blue

Babolat Syn Gut Tennis String Reel Blue

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The Babolat Syn Gut Tennis String Reel is a versatile and affordable option for tennis players seeking a durable and consistent string. Here are the key features of the Babolat Syn Gut Tennis String Reel:

1. String Type: The Babolat Syn Gut is a synthetic gut string that combines durability and playability. It is designed to provide a good balance of power, control, and comfort.

2. Reel Length: The Syn Gut Tennis String is available in a reel format, typically with a length of 200 meters (656 feet) or more. This allows for multiple stringing jobs or the ability to string multiple rackets without needing to purchase additional string sets.

3. Material: The string is made from a combination of synthetic fibers, typically nylon or polyester, which are designed to mimic the feel and playability of natural gut strings. This synthetic construction provides enhanced durability compared to natural gut strings.

4. Gauge/Thickness: The Babolat Syn Gut Tennis String is available in different gauges/thicknesses to suit individual preferences. The specific gauge options may vary, but common choices include 1.30mm, 1.35mm, or 1.40mm. Thicker gauges generally offer more durability, while thinner gauges provide increased playability and spin potential.

5. Playability: The Syn Gut string is known for its solid all-around performance. It offers a good blend of power, control, and comfort, making it suitable for a wide range of players, from recreational to competitive levels.

6. Tension Maintenance: The string's construction allows for good tension maintenance, meaning it retains its initial tension well over time. This helps to provide consistent performance and feel throughout the life of the string.

7. Versatility: The Babolat Syn Gut Tennis String is suitable for players of all skill levels and playing styles. It can be used in both main and cross strings of a racket or as a full string setup.
  • Gauges: 17 G / 1.25 mm and 16 G / 1.30 mm
  • Solid Central Core
  • Nylon Construction
  • Outer Wrap
  • Color: Blue
  • Length: 660 feet / 200 m