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Dunlop SonicCore Ultimate 132 Squash Racket

Dunlop SonicCore Ultimate 132 Squash Racket

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Dunlop SonicCore Ultimate 132 Squash Racket is a high-performance squash racket designed to provide players with power, control, and maneuverability on the court.

SonicCore Technology: This racket features Dunlop's SonicCore technology, which enhances the frame's stability and power. The SonicCore technology strategically places different materials within the frame to optimize energy return and dampen vibrations, resulting in improved feel and control.

Ultimate Power: With its large 500 head size and head-heavy balance, the SonicCore Ultimate 132 delivers exceptional power on shots. This allows players to generate explosive shot-making ability, enabling them to dominate rallies and put pressure on opponents.

Precision Control: Despite its power-oriented design, the racket offers excellent control, allowing players to place shots precisely where they intend. The combination of the large sweet spot and optimized weight distribution ensures that players can execute accurate shots with confidence.

Aerodynamic Frame: The sleek and aerodynamic frame design reduces air resistance, enabling faster swing speeds and improved maneuverability. This feature is particularly advantageous for players who rely on quick reactions and swift movement around the court.

Comfortable Feel: The racket incorporates technologies to enhance comfort during play. The SonicCore technology helps to reduce vibrations, minimizing the risk of arm fatigue and discomfort, even during intense matches or extended playing sessions.

Overall, the Dunlop SonicCore Ultimate 132 Squash Racket is an excellent choice for players seeking a combination of power, control, and comfort. Its innovative technologies and design elements make it a formidable weapon on the squash court, suitable for players of all levels.

  • Head Size: 500 square centimeters
  • Weight: Approximately 132 grams (unstrung)
  • Balance: Head-light balance for improved maneuverability
  • String Pattern: 16x19
  • Construction: SonicCore technology for enhanced power and stability
  • Frame Composition: Lightweight yet durable materials for optimal performance
  • Grip: Comfortable handle grip for better control and reduced fatigue