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E-Force Fission 160 Racquetball Racquet , Grip 3 5/8

E-Force Fission 160 Racquetball Racquet , Grip 3 5/8

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The New Fission combines our New PowerFlex Throat with 14 opponent devastating E-Force Technologies! The PowerFlex throat provides greatly increased flexibility, limiting this flexibility to the throat . . . where you want it.

  • E-Force’s always powerful frame provides the desired head stiffness while reducing torsion and twisting. The result is more power delivered at ball impact while maintaining pin point accuracy and with just the right amount of vibration.
  • Additional E-Force Fission Technologies include: Extreme LongString Power Boosters G2 Dual Cylinder Construction Zero Richter Tubes X2 Launch Pad Technology Sector 5 Technology ByPass String System Total Carbon Head Power House Shaft High Compression Wing Head
  • The E-Force Fission 175 Racquetball Racquet with a grip size of 3 5/8 is a specific model of racquetball racquet designed for players who are looking for power, control, and maneuverability on the racquetball court. Here's some information about this racquet:
  • Brand and Model: E-Force is a well-known brand in the racquetball industry, and the Fission 175 is one of their racquet models. The number "175" typically indicates the weight of the racquet in grams, which is a medium weight that offers a balance between power and control.
  • Grip Size (3 5/8): The grip size of 3 5/8 refers to the circumference of the racquet handle. It's important to choose a grip size that feels comfortable in your hand and allows you to maintain control over the racquet during play. Players with larger hands might prefer a slightly larger grip size.
  • Features and Characteristics: The E-Force Fission 175 racquet is likely designed with specific technologies and features to enhance your performance on the racquetball court. These may include innovations to improve power generation, reduce vibrations, and provide better ball control.
  • Balance and Playing Style: The weight and balance of the racquet can influence your playing style. A balanced racquet like the Fission 175 offers a combination of power and control, making it suitable for a variety of playing styles, from aggressive power hitters to more finesse-oriented players.

  • Construction and Materials: Racquetball racquets are typically constructed using a combination of materials, such as graphite, composite, or other high-performance materials. The specific construction of the Fission 175 could contribute to its overall feel and performance.
    • Frame Shape: Quadraform
    • Weight: 160g (unstrung)
    • Balance: Even
    • Strung Surface ;108 sq in
    • Pre Strung With: E-Force Oxygen 17g