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Wilson Ripper Team Squash Racquet

Wilson Ripper Team Squash Racquet

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Wilson, the iconic American tennis brand, was built by people with a deep devotion to the game. It was built on a promise: to elevate the millions of athletes around the world, at every level of the sport, who call Wilson their own. We've been keeping that promise for decades and our legacy is legend. Today, we're still building, relentlessly pushing the limits of performance and design to equip a new generation of players with products worthily of our name. Respect the past. Own the future. Wilson is tennis.

The Wilson Ripper Team Squash Racquet is a squash racket designed for players who want a good balance of power, control, and maneuverability on the squash court. Squash rackets play a significant role in a player's performance, and the Ripper Team aims to provide a solid option for intermediate and recreational players. Here's a description of the Wilson Ripper Team Squash Racquet:

Key Features:

1. Construction and Material: The Wilson Ripper Team Squash Racquet is typically constructed using durable materials, such as graphite or composite materials. The choice of materials contributes to the racket's overall performance, durability, and feel.

2. Head Size: The head size of the racket is designed to provide a good balance between power and control. A larger head size can offer more power, while a smaller head size enhances control and precision.

3. Weight and Balance: The weight and balance of the racket play a crucial role in determining its maneuverability and feel. The Ripper Team Squash Racquet is likely designed to have a balanced feel that allows players to generate power without sacrificing control.

4. String Pattern: The string pattern of the racket affects how it interacts with the ball. A denser string pattern can provide more control, while a more open pattern may enhance power. The Ripper Team Squash Racquet likely features a string pattern suitable for a balanced playing style.

5. Grip: The racket comes with a comfortable grip that allows players to maintain a secure hold during fast-paced rallies and shots.

6. Design and Aesthetics: The racket's design and aesthetics, including the choice of colors and branding, contribute to its overall visual appeal and recognition.

7. Player Level: The Ripper Team Squash Racquet is often designed for intermediate and recreational players who are looking for a racket that offers a good combination of features without being overly specialized for advanced gameplay.

8. Availability: The availability of the Ripper Team Squash Racquet may vary depending on the retailer and region. Players interested in purchasing this racket should check with authorized dealers or the official Wilson website for the most up-to-date information.

Headsize: 472 sq cm.
Unstrung weight: 185g.
Balance: 32.5cm.
String pattern: 12 x 19.
Ideal for the beginning player
Value and control
Small yoke racquet
  • Ideal for the beginning player
  • Value and control
  • Small yoke racquet